The natural world is Geoff’s greatest inspiration, he grew up on the side of a hill which linked up to a landscape that seemed to go on forever. A local woman Mrs Jones, used to take him on magical walks, tell him stories and hide objects in special places. ‘I can’t even remember what she looked like but we walked miles and the outdoors has always felt a safe and inspiring place to be.’

The ‘pebbles’ came from the colours of Norway and the mysterious black holes in the ice formed on the local loch during a very cold prolonged winter.

A hare is all curves and lines that can move from rigid stillness to super athletic sprint. In fact, most animals on the move are just vapour trails in the landscape, a line briefly viewed.

Probably the two main artistic influences for Geoff are Sean Crampton and Ane Lynsgaard. Ane for her sculptural approach to weaving with natural materials and how she encompasses the places she visits through those materials and the expression of her work. Sean was a sculptor who worked in welded phosphor bronze and seemed to create forms within forms, perfect lines that swept his work away and begs you to follow.

Photos: Geoff Forrest