Wearable Art

Helen Duncan of the Creative Minds Network, Ayrshire, commissioned a Wearable Art project for the senior students at Grange Academy, Kilmarnock in 2015.

Through a series of workshops, we looked at how to weave willow into wearable structures that could be embellished with other materials to form imaginative costumes and accessories. The results were assessed as part of the students’ final Art and Design modules as well as becoming part of a wider regional fashion show.

January 2019 saw a repeat of the original project with the students of Doon Academy, Dalmellington. This time it was decided to try extending the workshops to the younger students, so there was a spread of ages from S1 to S6.

Starting with design sessions lead by the Art Department, we moved from sketchbook, to skill acquisition, and onto the final realisation of the designs. The work was celebrated with an evening for families, friends and teachers where the students displayed their creations and shared skills.